Lawn Painting

We can paint a brown unkept lawn to give it a lush green color.  This makes the property more attractive, and assists in selling and renting.
Why you should choose Envy-Green?
Envy-Green can save you money by lowering your water bill.
Envy-Green paints with the same lawn colorant that is used at Sanford Stadium (UGA) and Williams-Brice Stadium (USC) !
Our lawn colorant is non-toxic and promotes new growth).
Not only does Envy-Green make your lawn look better, it actually protects your grass from the elements. Envy-Green keeps your yard beautiful year round!

Great for commercial lawns, for sale real estate, ect. A green attractive lawn makes everything look better.

From Just $50, you can have a green lawn that lasts up to 14 weeks. One time application:
*500 square feet - $50 (10 cents per sq. ft)
*1,000 square feet - $90(9 cents per sq.ft)
*2,500 square feet - $200(8 cents per sq.ft)
*5,000 square feet and over - $350 and up(7 cents per sq.ft)
*Minimum service area of 500 square feet*

Click the above image to see the lawn after painting!


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